Is my ex jealous/want to get back together?

Quick background. We were together for 3 years. Going to get married, etc.. I had to move two hours away because of schooling and Army. She was going to come with, but couldn't find a job and her friends from home drove us apart. After breaking up, we tried to work things out, but suddenly she didn't want to talk anymore and was dating someone else. That went sour quick and we've been talking on again, off again since.

So for the fourth of July, I messaged her a very simple "happy 4th" with no response. I thought nothing of it. But about a week ago, I changed my FB picture and a bunch of girls that are friends with my neighbor friended me. That very same day, not even an hour later, she messaged me about my desk chair that she still has. Since she ignored my 4th of July message, I ignored.

The next day, she messaged again "or just read and ignore my message." Day later, messaged "so I guess I'll just throw it out."

Since I was at Army training, I then messaged her and told her I've been busy with that. her response was "ohh, sorry. I thought you were ignoring me. you've been pretty active on Facebook, and I assumed when you changed your fb pic and added like 5 new friends."

Since, we've been talking somewhat regularly everyday. When I got promoted, I added a pic of my new rank on instagram and she immediately asked if I had been promoted, and when I said yes, her response was simply "Oh."

Last weekend, she went to the beach, and had to drive through my city to get there. While driving through, she messaged "I hate driving through here by myself." She sent me pics the whole weekend and also got very burnt and came down with cellulitis and has kept me in the loop about everything.

When I got home from the two weeks of training, she was out at her friends bachelorette party, and asked what I was up to. I told her I was having a bonfire. She asked if I was by myself, and I told her I was with my neighbor and his friend. I jokingly said "im not the pathetic." and her response was "sorry, didn't know you had such a plethora of friends down there."

So what's going on here? We met up once so she could give me back some of my things, yet asks about my desk chair. She ignores my simple 4th of July message but gets upset when I ignore her. She dates someone else but asks about people I'm hanging out with.

She told me she doesn't love me anymore, but these actions don't really back that up. I still love and care about her, and think about her all the time. I'm actually very proud of myself for not bleeding my heart out. Is she jealous? Does she miss me? Does she still love me? Is she toying with the idea of us again?


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  • Yes it's jealously...she doesn't want ot be with you..but doesn't want you to be with some else. Most girls are like offense... ( I guess guys to..i thinks its just the type of person ), but they will end it with you...then move on and one and on and on..and then that one moment they see you doing better or with someone else they will kinda just pop back up. Most of the time it is just to see how far you have gone without them.

    I guess they kind of feel like you're still theirs, or something. My keep down the road of you..don't let her pop up and just mess with your head. If you keep lingering around the thought of you and her you will never be happy. All that this is doing know is blocking you.

    This is a common thing in life with ex's. ESPECIALLY if you end up in another relationship...I had some ex's go as far as not just stalking me...but my current girlfriend as well. Don't be the full, and congrats on your promotion, mate. .


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  • She's a retard. You can tell she most likely never truly loved you because she let you go so easily. You can tell she just tried to pin it on her friends. move on my dear you have plenty going for you. And so texting her. It'll only reopen healed woundsand she'll only leave you again.

  • yes she is very jealous, I think you should move on.


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