Found the answer to my prayers...How do I hook him?

I met this guy 2 years ago and he was a jerk to my sister like he used her to get to me kind of but she doesn't like him anymore. We have been camping together a few times because our families are kind of close. I hadn't seen him in almost a year. We started snap chatting about 2 months ago non stop. He is a bull rider and kind of a player. I went to see him all week at his rodeo Because he was in town. He lives four hours away but anyway we made out for an hour and a half straight the first night even though I was dating his cousin who I had been tryin to break things off with for a week then I went back to the rodeo to see him 3 days later and he had a girl. They broke up the next night so we hung out but he was all sad and didn't want to make out or anything. But now he won't snapchat or text me back. I finally got my boyfriend to accept we were over and would love to try to date this guy but I'm not sure how to go about it and get things back to talking like we used to and have a chance with him. What do I do?


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  • just stay positive and hope he likes you back.


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  • A chance to have sex with him or to have a monogamous relationship with him?

    • A real relationship a real relationship

    • I think the best chances would be wait till you're like 22, then cyrogenically freeze yourself, thaw yourself out when he's ready to settle down and have kids, hope he still likes you and you'll be the age woman he actually wants to settle down with, and pray he actually follows his wedding vows.

      An easier approach might be to find a guy who is not a player.

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  • Jerk to your sister, used her to get to you.. made out for an hour and a half with a girl with a bf...then he got a girlfriend and broke up with her the next night.. now he won't talk to you.. you really wan this guy?


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