Is he being used by his new girlfriend?

My brother is 20 years old. Him and his ex girlfriend broke up about 10 weeks ago. He has been dating some new girl whom I VERY dislike because she has a horrible track record (not like my brother listens to me haha) He has been with this new girl about 8 weeks after his break up so.. 2 weeks so far into it. He hides his relationship status on Facebook but he never did with his ex. I asked him why and he failed to actually give me an answer so I left it alone. His new girlfriend is a serious attention brat. The kind that has every highlight of her day public, over 2k friends, everyone spam liking her photos. Yeah, that kind xD..

So, I found out she is born in like 1994, and she isn't even 20. My brother will post pictures of her and him on his Facebook and tag her all the time, but on her Facebook she changes her profile picture and cover photo to her in a BAR drinking with these random guys. I haven't the slightest clue how she was in a bar when she is only 19.. fake ID I guess? I think she is lying about her age to my brother too but he won't tell me what age she told him she is.. She never posts things about being with him. I seriously only see him making the posts and tagging her while she goes partying around for the world to see.

I know this is his learning experiences but this is my brother I am talking about. He has a big heart and falls too easily and I am really afraid that this girl is just using him or is just a tramp..

My brother is literally her 3rd boyfriend since April.. And her two ex boyfriends are ironically enough friends with my brother. She hopped all three of these boys! -shivers-

My brother's ex girlfriend is a good friend of mine, I have not told her anything that is going on with my brother just because I don't want her to get upset knowing he is dating this "hussy".

So.. By the current events and his and hers actions.. Is he being used..? I'd rather not see my brother get his feelings and emotions stepped on by this girl he barely knows but claims she is "the one"...
oops! bad typo!

her two ex boyfriends are ironically BOTH* friends with my brother


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  • 2013 -1994=19 technically she's an adult.

    so is he. I know you care for you brother and yes, she's probably using him. On the upside, this is definitely a rebound relationship and is probably only about sex. Meaning it's not going to last very long.

    He's definitely gotten attached too fast to the wrong girl, but there's probably nothing you can do about it. Sit him down, tell him you care about him, say what you have to say about her then leave it alone. Nothing else you can do. He'll have to make this mistake and learn on his own.

    By the way, the most effective way to do this is calmly rationally and bluntly. Spell it out straight, and don't get angry or argue or shout because if he thinks you're upset because you just dislike her personally he'll probably ignore what you have to say.

    • LOL I know math :P Hence why I said she isn't even 20 ha ha xD

      I have a feeling it is a rebound too. I know he is trying to go out of his way to rub her in his ex's face. I told him to stop acting like that and being childish because it isn't funny or mature at all. It is a difficult situation because I am hiding his ex (my friend) from his childish actions and I am trying to keep him from getting hurt by his rebound. Blah.. So annoying.. I am stuck in the middle just wanting both happy..

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    • Okay let me rephrase because apparently you don't get it.

      One is blood, the other my best friend. they COME TO ME and bring me into it and talk to me, ask me questions, ask for advice etc etc. So by default, I am "in the middle" because I am not going to run and hide from people I love and that love me back. thanks.

    • no, I get it, and apparently it's too late. Not saying you should hide from anyone. I've been there with my sister and my friend who started dating her. I told them before it started I wasn't playing middle man. Told them both what I thought then stayed out of it. As much as you care for them some things just have to be worked out. You're not really going to be able to do anything to make this better is my point.

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  • Why do you say she's using him? My guess is that she does like your brother but she isn't the kind of girl that wants to settle down and probably wants to date around. I've known girls like that and they can be trouble but sounds like your brother is going to do his own thing regardless of what you tell him, she's "the one" lol

    • She likes him because he has money ;)

  • he knows that she is not the one and you should know that too. I think he likes the fact that he's dating someone who did not leave any chance to give him a little ride and a few sexy pics. I have seen these type of girls we know them and get what we can get from them and when they break it up we are less than happy cause the squeeze is gone.

    sorry for my language but it's the truth

    • I don't need to imagine my brother having sex with an overweight blond wannabe barbie haha.

    • hahaha well actually some like them big :D personally I prefer big and lots of meats to shake than skinny. :D just saying plus to me and sorry for that I'd rather have sex with an ugly girl than long dry spell. and her physique explains a lot. it's the only way she can get attention and feel self confidence.

  • In what way do you think she is -using- him, and what makes you concerned he's not getting what he wants out of the relationship? I'm not doubting either ... just ... its not clear.

    • She is always making him pay for every dinner, every movie, he buys her car gas, she always hints she wants new shoes, clothing, etc... and in return she shows him off as a boyfriend but gives other guys more attention than him...

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