My long-distance EX boyfriend is back in town this weekend - call him or no?

Yep all in the question. We broke up like 2 months ago because the distance made it really really hard. We had been together for like 2.5 years and long distance for only like 8 months at the end. We had other issues too but it was all made harder by the distance. Anyway I miss him like crazy, it's killing me. He hasn't talked to me since, but I heard he's visiting his family here this weekend. Should I call or message him and ask if we can catch up? I just want to see him again. I know it's stupid.


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  • yes, you should. No it's not stupid. text him or call him otherwise you'll wish you had. Who knows when he will be in town again?

    • Thanks! I probably will. But it's just that he might not want to see me, because I think he'd rather be no contact...I don't want to be the annoying ex.

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  • Go ahead.. what is there to lose? Don't regret something that you didn't do.


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