My ex girlfriend and I broke up but I want her back

So a couple of days ago the girl who I'm expecting a baby with broke up. she called me today but I missed it because I was at work. she broke up with me. should I call her back right away or let it wait a couple days?


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  • I wouldn't wait too long, considering you two are expecting a baby and will have to be somewhat civil for the child's sake. If she broke up with you, I'd ask her why and try to see if you two could work it out. Maybe try to take her on a date or win her back. Don't wait too long because she might think either 1) you lost interest and don't care or 2) she'll find another man. If I were you, I'd call her back tonight or ask to talk in person.

    • i tried should I bring her flowers?

  • just give her some time and space. Let her come to you.


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