Am I looking at this situation wrong?

My boyfriend wants to move out of state together, but he wants to go first and do a two month trial and figure out if he likes it or not, and if he does then he expects me to come. I really feel this is so unfair and selfish. I feel if we are doing this move together we should both get a trial I feel that as a team you do things together and if you don't like it or if it doesn't work then you figure it out together. In my mind we should plan this out together ahead of time save money try to find him a job(mine will transfer) and go together. I starting to look at this situation as a warning sign that neither the relationship or me is a priority in his life. Am I wrong for seeing things this way?


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  • all I can say from expeirence is to NEVER move out with a man unless you are getting married.

    no joke, all of my girlfriends that did this too say the SAME thing, save yourself from heartache and unfullfilment (cause men get bored easily) D O NOT move out w him.

    read the book for women called "the Rules" it will do you some good. it will becoome your bible to men haha!

    but really though...distance makes the heart grow fonder, so as much as the IDEA sounds good IT MOST LIKELY will end in turmoil :/

    hope this helps!

    good luck!


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