I am moving out. Looking for advice?

Hello! I am 20yrs old and I will be renting my first house in two weeks. I have lived in a dorm before but wasn't having to pay rent/utilities/buy groceries. I am really nervous about taking on all of the responsibilities. I know that it's a step that everyone has to take but I'm just wondering if anyone has advice?

I am living in a somewhat expensive college town but I found housing that is relatively cheap for that area ($600 a month for half of a two bedroom house). I guess I'm just afraid that I won't be able to afford it and I am looking for encouragement.
I do have about $4000 saved up to move. And it's not a very far move, only like an hour from my parents house.


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  • Well you proooobably should have made sure you could afford the place before you rented it...just throwing it out there. I'm assuming you have a job. If not, you're gonna want one of those. For the first few months, try and spend as little money as possible and see how much spare money you end up with. That should give you an idea of what you can and cannot afford. Also you could try making one of those budget things and schedule your spending, but they never work for me. Too much unexpected stuff happens.

    • Worst case scenario, you can always sublet the house and move in with a boyfriend...that's what my friend did haha. There's always a solution so don't worry about becoming homeless or anything.

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  • Budget, budget, budget. Seriously. Budget. For the first few months, jot down EVERY purchase you make. Even a pack of gum. You will be surprised how much you spend, and you can easily find ways to cut down on spending.

    Shit that comes up randomly will be your biggest expense. Save money as much as you can.

    Figure out how to eat healthy/cheap - cook at home as much as possible. If you don't know how to cook - LEARN.

    Do not put things on credit cards.

  • it all depends on how much money you make a month and your other expenses. $600 a month sounds alright, but do be sure to budget out everything before you take that step. Know how much you spend for food on average, as well as transportation and all that stuff

  • choose a good neighborhood. That's the most important thing to look for. You might have to pay a little bit more for rent but don't move into a crap community because you want to save money.

  • Here's what I do:

    - Look at cost of rent

    - Look at cost of bills (Phone, Internet, Electricity, Food, Home-care products, etc.)

    - Calculate how much I make per month

    - Determine if it's worth the hassle

    It always helps to have money saved up beforehand. If you have 2-3 months worth in your bank already, it gives you a cushion to fall back on and reduces stress significantly. 6-12 months worth is even more ideal.

    Other than that, make sure you structure your life and don't let sh*t slip off schedule. Paying your bills is now your number one priority.

  • Break down your costs into these main categories:

    Core Expenses



    Car Payments/Insurance


    Mobile Data Plan



    Personal Expenses

    Property Maintenance

    Gym Membership




    Fast Food/Restaurant


    Your core expenses should be the bare minimum you'll expect to shell out every month. Personal expenses are for the most part, optional. Unless you make really good money, you'll find that you can't have it all every month. Spend wisely and you'll be fine.


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