Am I making a mistake getting back together with my ex?

My ex and I broke up only 3 days ago. I left him because I read his fb chat with a bunch of girls where he was flirting and trying to 'hook up' with them. When they asked why his profile said he was dating some one, he coincidentally had to take down all the pictures of us and switch his status to single (because he said his mom didn't approve of me). He said to me we'd still date behind her back. Then he lied to me about not being able to hang out because he was working... I also read through his Facebook chat and found out he went out with friends to smoke pot, and he never told me. (Honestly I wouldn't have cared if he went out and smoked pot with his friends, I was just really pissed he lied about having to work) Just so everyone knows, I didn't hack his Facebook and read all his chats, we swapped passwords to prove that neither of us had anything to hide... it was kinda assumed that we'd do that occasionally to each other (check each others chats and what not).

I know I should hate his guts, and never speak to him again, but I'm kinda willing to forgive him. (Even if his explanation is all total bull crap)

He said his brother uses his Facebook and that was him talking to all those girls. and then to prove it, he mentioned a specific name of a girl that had been one of those flirty fb chats, and he said that that he didn't know her and that she was his brothers friend. Then to explain the lying about work, he said he got done early and didn't have service to text me and tell me. Do I sound totally naive and stupid for believing him? He told me he loves me very very much and that he cried when I broke up with him. He said he was so upset he broke his laptop, (and that explains why he hasn't been on Facebook in 2 days) and then ran away. (He came home though.) He said he was so broken hearted and sad that when he told his friend, his friend went on his Facebook and blocked me. He dad mentioned to me that he ran away (so at least that checks out)...

Am I stupid for wanting him back after what he's done? I really thought this guy had potential from the beginning...and I'd like to believe if he knows that I mean business (because I left him for lying /cheating in some form) that he won't do it again if he really does love me like he says he does.


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  • I don't think it's the best choice to get back with him at this point. Even though he did say that his brother was the one who uses his Facebook to flirt, then wouldn't it make more sense if his brother uses his own Facebook? I feel like he's trying to play the "guilt trip card" to getting you back when he told you about him running away and breaking his laptop. If you're looking for a long time relationship, then I don't think getting back is a good idea.

    You can give him a second chance, but the same situation might happens again. It all comes down to how much do you really trust him now. You can tell him that you want some space to rethink about it. During this time just see if he'll continue to contact you and etc. If he does, then he's probably trying a lot more to show you that he really cares.


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  • Depends on what the relationship is like. If your trying to have a legitimate relationship, then yeah id say its a bad idea. If you don't really care about the relationship and are in it for a different reason then nah go for it

    • What other reasons are there for being in a relationship than wanting to have legitimate love, trust and a deeper level of friendship?

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    • come on that's not a good thing to say.

    • Haha, it's true though.

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  • You are a glutton for punishment. You have no kids with this guy and yet you are on a self destructive path. Why on earth would you devalue your own self worth? That's up to you to figure out but if I were you, I would be running for the hills thankful I caught him before I ended up with an STD


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