Have you ever tried to find someone that you like?

Have you ever tried to find someone you like. Let's say you only vaguely know them. You met them briefly at a party, school, work etc. They know you enough that if you found them on fb or another site. They might message you back. I don't have any other way to contact them. I certainly don't want them to find it odd. That I'd took the time to find them on fb or another site. Should I just move on and forget about meeting them briefly. I don't want to call or text them randomly. I only call someone If they personally gave me their number. How did you feel when someone found you on site? Anyway. If they don't respond or just ignore me all together. No, harm done right. At least I tried and now have an answer.


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  • If you don't know them well, then it's kind of weird. If I did know them, then no. It would be totally fine. I once trued to get back in touch with a friend I lost contact with. We were very close friends when we were 6 and then lost touch. I tried to get in contact with her via a mutual friend and we talked a little and I tried to get together just to talk, but she kept bailing on me so I gave up.


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  • lol nah, never went out of my way to find someone I liked


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