I have an urge to talk to other men on the internet.

I love my boyfriend TO DEATH. He is very sweet to me & we go places all the time. We've been together for about a year and a half. I have never ever cheated or talked to another man while with him or in any other relationship. I'm very faithful & loyal in relationships. About 4 months ago, he was secretly talking to his ex. They didn't talk that much, never met in person or anything like that.. But they did flirt a little. It pissed me & I came so close to breaking it off. But I didn't, hoping to mend it. He hasn't spoken to her since & everything's fine now. I forgave him. But lately, I've been having the urge to just talk to guys on the internet. Just for fun. I know it's wrong, and I haven't done it. But I have this urge. How wrong is this? What should I do?


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  • Hey, baby. LOL JK.

    Seriously though, the desire for revenge is understandable. Anyone in your situation would feel hurt. But if you can't forgive him, you need to dump him. By going behind his back, you're going to end up hurting yourself as well as him.

    • Thanks, you're probably right. :) I think I'll stick with him instead of doing sh*t like that. I really do love him,.

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  • Well, welcome to the internet! What do you want to talk about?


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  • You remind myself of me! I was just like you when going through that situation. I broke up with him after I found out that he's still been in touch with his exes though

  • Go for it


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