Someone tell me why he's still contacting me?

So my ex broke up with me six months ago because he needed to be more emotionally mature to have a real relationship but he said he still liked me a lot he just didn't want to be in any relationship at all. He was really stressed at the end of our relationship due to how busy he was with colleges and everything so it was pretty hard to find time for both of us to hang out. He talks a lot about me to his friends (mostly good) who will tell me about it, gets extremely jealous when I talk with other guys (even going up to me once and saying about a guy I was dating "hes lucky to have you", and will text me jokes or make small talk, or snapchat and communicate over that at least twice a week. He asked one of his friends to "fix us", and a lot of his friends have been teasing me about me and him 2.0. This has been going on since March and I know he isn't interested in any other girls and hasn't been in a relationship since we broke up. Do you think that sometimes people break up because of timing, because I feel like he definitely still likes me? Why would he still contact me and try so hard to still be my friend, he hasn't done this to any of his other 7 exes?


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  • Thing is people don't just get emotionally mature alone by themselves. And being in relationship is one way for it to be done. Obviously he's still very interested in you. Timing could also be an issue but I've seen a lot of people who has been together since their high schools. And him being in college isn't forever. I just don't understand how he broke up with you yet wants things between you fix through his friend? Thing is he might really want to keep you and be with you once he's done with everything in college and not busy anymore to focus on you or something. He seems to consider a lot of things. Also not a bad idea to be friends with him again. It's like Okay he's not ready yet that doesn't stop you from dating or having a new boyfriend or smthng(up2u tho). Let him know that just incase it's what he's expecting in the future


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