Why take someones heart to then make them feel alone

my boyfriend of 2 years we have been back and forwards lately. we had a one month break about a month ago. things were great after but its really hard. because he will make me fall in love more and more with him make me miss him and then just be cold to me. like he used to. he rarely wants to see me. last weekend we had such a bonding time and all week were talking sweetly to each other then he just randomly would rather sit and watch TV than hang with me and I miss him so bad it hurts and he still won't catch up with him. I ring him constantly that night begging why won't he see me and he says why are you acting crazy I don't want to see you tmr either now. and its hurting because he makes me miss him so much to then rarely actually want to spend time with me and yet doesn't want to break up. why is he stealing my heart if he sometimes acts like he wants it but then rarely wants to spend quality time with me. why is he making me miss him so much to the point that I go crazy on him when I can't see him. and I'm not being unreasonable I only saw him a week ago. its not too much to ask to see someone once a week.


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  • Why do you put up with being on an emotional roller coaster?

    • because I love him. it feels impossible to leave.

    • and every secnd weekend will be so amazing that I put up with the first one being heartache

    • So as long as you bother with this guy, stop complaining about the ride - because you're the one getting on.

What Girls Said 1

  • You constantly nag about not seeing each other enough, and he constantly stays away from you? Is that the dynamic?

    Honestly, it's time to end this. You guys are clearly not right for each other. He seems annoyed by you, and you seem hurt by him.

    He doesn't want to break up because he's getting what he wants. He's seeing you when he wants to and isn't when he doesn't want to. You're the one unsatisfied with the arrangement, apparently.

    If you want things to change, you'll have to change them yourself because he's not going to. I recommend ending the relationship as you two just don't seem too compatible.

    • You are spot on and he knows he has all the power. It's torturous. Half the time I feel he loves me but the other half I'm like you can't love me and act so cruel to me.

    • It's best to get out.

      I wish you the best.

    • i actually just have today. its hard though when just the other day I felt truly in love with him and he was so sweet on phone and said I love you and just made me melt. how can I just move on when in the back of my head that is playing over and over

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