We are divorce for a little over two months now

and I never heard from him since than, what do you guys think he is thinking about? I heard from his cousin that he stopped going out as much as he use to like when we were still together because that was one of the problems for us. Do you think he misses me? the thing is that I still miss him once in a while.


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  • Just move on

  • Sorry to hear about the divorce.:(

    Do I think he misses you?Yes.That's is highly probable...afterall...he MARRIED you which means he had the intentions of spending the rest of his LIFE with you!There is no way to erase the time spent with someone.So does he think of you still...of course.It is ONLY natural.It is also very natural for you to miss him as well.Him not going out as much could be because of a slew of reasons.He is recently divorced and maybe he is still mourning the ending of the relationship,maybe he just isn't in the mood,maybe he is just in pondering mode etc.But does he miss you...absolutely.But he is probably coming to terms with everything just like you are and trying to except what IS.


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