Why do guys keep pursuing a girl when the girl is moving away?

Answers from guys appreciated!

I saw two guys at separate times this summer and not just one, but both of them kept putting effort in even after finding out I was leaving at the end of the summer. They both made several very special dates with me and texted me every day (even while the first one was in Europe for 2 weeks)!

Why would they put this effort into me when they told me they can't do long distance? Its confusing.


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  • You must be especially attractive in some way..so the guys are hoping to impress you so much that you'll remember them, and if one of you moves to be close to the other person..

    You'll have good memories and will be open to reliving some of them!


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  • Don't be confused. As the others have stated, you must be particularly attractive. Those guys pursued you even though they know you are moving away because they wanted your "goodies" before you left town.

    • Is that it? Just about sex?

      I had sex with one of them but he is still texting me all day and calling me baby names and such. He said that he won't date anyone just for fun anymore. He doesn't want to waste his time with a girl that he doesn't want to marry. But, then he said he doesn't do long distance (I'll be back in 9 months). See where I am getting confused?

    • Well, in that case, my initial response may be wrong. It seems to me that he was possibly trying to woo you to perhaps change your mind about leaving; so that you will not move. When he said he does not do long distance relationships, he was basically asking you to stay with him and conveying that if you do stay, he'll consider marrying you,

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  • Either your really pretty or they're desperate. Maybe both? :/


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