How do I move on after a breakup

especially if I work side by side with the guy and he is chasing after a much younger coworker right in front of my nose...i've never hated anyone so much.


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  • It happened to me. While he was chasing me, he was also chasing a younger girl. We dated and I knew they were friends. However, one day I saw them going out together in his car at lunch time. I asked him where did he go for lunch that day, and he said: I just grabbed something quickly at the cafeterĂ­a. So I sat down and talked to him, and told him that from now on we were just friends, and nothing more. Two weeks later he was dating her officially. We both were managers, and we had to spend at least 3 hours per day together. It was hard, but I can tell you that time healed my wounds. I had to balance the good and the bad in our friendship, so I decided to go with the good. That happened last year, and we are good friends now. He still tries to make me fall in love once in a while, but then I stop him by telling him we are just friends. It took me around 8 months to overcome him though. Even when I left the company for different reasons. I love him as a friend cause he was always there for me, and got my back. So I appreciate his friendship a lot. Of course, what he did hurt me a lot and had to forgive him from the bottom of my heart.

    • sounds like you have been exactly where I am now. I had a confrontation with him two days ago. he swears him and the other girl are only friends..i know they have always gone to break together because they both go and and smoke..i don't smoke. I have never been jealous of that but like in your situation I caught them coming out of a nearby restaurant for lunch. ..he still maintaned they are only friends. he said he had strong feelings for me..and he walked away crying. now I am torn..

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  • You realize how much of a d*** he is. You said you hate him and obviously he's not a good guy and I don't even know you but you deserve someone watt better anyone deserves better than that jerk

  • Maybe it would be in your best interest if you could switch departments or even the company you work for.


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