Girls is she checking me out? Why is her friends looking at my profile?

I put my info on linkedin. I noticed the guy in a photo with her (friends?)checked my profile out. He was a co-worker. She had her head on top his shoulder and he had a relaxed big smile. I didn't see any lust. No hugging. Everyone at her job tried to get me and her together. I think he was apart of that. But I don't remember. Anyhow after he checked my profile out a bunch of her close female co-workers at her new job checked it out. I've been updating it the last few weeks and he has been checking it out every few days. Nothing more. She hasn't been seen in the who viewed you part. She was in love and I messed up and never got together with her. I still think of her. I had wrote a letter the girls on this site me write. And it worked. I had her back in love. But we never got together. She had quit her job. I was really in love. She put her profile up 8 months ago. I just noticed it. And her co-workers checked it out. What should I think. Should I check her profile out so she sees I did? I don't know why she hasn't tried to contact me... :( Do you?


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  • I think you need to stop obsessing and just live your life.


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