How do I make this right?!!

So this frenemy stalked me and my ex boyfriend for the last year of our relationship. She was Very jealous. Of course did it sneaky so boyfriend wouldn't be freaked out but it ended up breaking us up.

I turned the other cheek which of course annoyed her. And they never got together. :)

But - I had an appointment at a doctor office and turned out she was the receptionist and I Lost it on her.

Said she was sleeping with my ex. And then the security called the cops. I told a worker that I wanted to kill this frenemy (I was just venting). They both called the cops.

Now I have a criminal harassment and uttering threat of death charge.

How can I right this?

I admit I snapped. And I stooped.

Now I have to stay in the city we're from and wait for the charges to go through the courts. I was Just about to move out of this city.

Do I apologize to her?

How do I right this?


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  • I've done some stupid things like that myself and apologizing always made me feel better. Doesn't mean you have to hold hands with her or even be friends with her. The apology is for you to feel better doesn't really matter if she accepts it or not. She's still a b***h


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