How do I get her back

Please read all. I dated this girl for over a year. The first six months of our relatinship was fine until summer came around. I wanted to date her in college but my mom didn't want to. I was constantly pressured by my mom telling me to break up with her, and her wanting me to stay that I didn't even know what I really wanted anymore. I fought with her a lot that summer, cursed at her, barely went to see her, broke up with her over stupid reasons, and down right took advantage of her. Despite all of this she still stayed with me and we ended up dating when I began college. Three days into college I ended up leaving her on our anniversary for another girl. I didn't even really like the other girl and ended up coming back to her. She said that she needed some time and I told her I would work at getting her trust back. That lasted for all of a day before I kissed a new girl the next day. I told her about it and she was extremely upset. She started ignoring me for two weeks and it made me realize how much I loved her and how much I had taken advantage of her. We got back together three weeks later after me begging her everyday to take me back. When we got back together things were different I spent all my money on her, showed her off, flirted with her in front of my friends, and would even walk six miles from my college to the train station. She still had problems trusting me and this lasted the next months we were together. She ended up breaking up with me because I followed this girl that I said I wouldn't. It was a dumb reason but just shows how much she couldn't trust me. I got back together with her a couple of weeks later and pretended to date her because I knew if I didn't ask her out again she wouldn't make out with me. I used her and she was extremely hurt. Since then things Haven't been the same. She hasn't talked to me in over four months. I have tried to call her text her write her letters talk to her friends talk to her on social media and she still ignores me. I feel bad for what I've done and its been over five months since she last talked to me. I don't know what to do I want her back. I realized how much better she is then any other girl I've ever been with and probably ever will be with.


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  • Agreed. You don't get her back. You clearly have little to no respect for her or her feelings. If you truly loved her you wouldn't be doing these awful things to her. Let her be with someone who deserves her, let this one go.

    • She was my first love it's been over five months and I can't get her off my mind

  • You don't get her back. I'm sorry but the truth is,you don't deserve her. And if she comes back to you,it will never be the same. You f***ed it up. Sorry.

    • She was my first love. It's been over 5 months and I can't get her off my mind

    • You need to leave her for a while,and then ask for forgiveness. If she really loves you deep inside then it will work. You never stop loving your first love,so maybe you have a shot:). Good luck.

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