Is it normal for a person to lose feelings for you all of a sudden?

i'm a nice guy don't get me wrong. I moved this girl in with me in November. I been having to take her places, teach her how to drive when she still barely know how. I had to do things her mom should have done. she went on her 2 week training for her deployment. now she is gone. I don't miss her at all...all my feeling are fading. she's just turned 19 and I'm 22. is it normal for feelings to fade away? this is my first time having space from her only because she had to go to training. this the only space I have had from her. now I don't even wanna be with her it seems like I want something new . everywhere I went I took her because she couldn't drive well. this is my first time having my house to myself since I moved in. the only time I have apart from her is when she at work , but she have to work the same work schedule as me because I have to pick her up, take her to work and everywhere else. the only thing she was doing is paying bills. she moved in with me only because she had a housing situation and basically it hasn't went anywhere. I think she in the army only because of the money because she do not do anything with her career field in the army and complains, she basically waste all the money out. now she is gonna be gone for 2 weeks, I feel like I'm going to be tired of her when she come back here


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  • It's very seldom. But it happens. After reading your story, I think this is exactly what happend. Hope I could help.


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