I don't know what to do anymore with him?? Help please

i will try make this to the point. please read and help me it's all making me upset and i don't know what to do!

this guy and i have had a few movie nights together, it all started about a month ago. i went over to his place and we watched movies (and stayed the night and we would have sex some times) and this happened about 4 nights a week for 2 weeks and then one weekend came along and we went to pre drinks at a friends (we are in the same group of friends) and he ended up goi g home with another girl (he is known in our group to sleep around a bit, this is why i didn't get to attached, but then i started thinking he might like me, until this happened) and then we stopped talking altogether and then a week or 2 later he called me when he was drunk and said he was really sorry for being an ass hole and that he didn't want to be like that, so then we chatted again like once every 2 weeks and then 2 weeks ago he hooked up with one of the other girls in our group (but that was a drunken one off) and then last week he invited me over again on a thursday and i stayed the night (we had sex) then friday night i went out and got drunk and asked him to pick me up and he said he won't cause i was really drunk, then on saturday we went to the same party and i didn't drink but he did and we were chatting like things where back to normal then they all went to the club and he came back at 12.30 really drunk and then he started crying saying he didn't want to be that guy that sleeps around and be's an ass hole so i told him he didn't have to be and to stop then, he said i wants to,

the he went back to the club.

the next day we chatted and he wanted me to come around for movies and stay the night again. and i did. when i got there we talked about the night but i didn't bring up our convo (which i think i should have) and it was all cute and every thing (so i started to think he must like me cause after what he said that he didn't want to sleep around and now he wants me over) but now we haven't really talked since then.

i told one of my friends what happened and she thinks i should just straight out ask him what's going on, but i want to but i also do t want to ruin anything :(

please what do you think i should do?!?!


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  • I'm surprised he didn't want to pick you up when you were drunk. He's respecting the fact that you were drunk and wasn't going to take advantage of you. How ever, he says that he doesn't want to sleep around anymore. Maybe he is starting to like you and it's bothering him. Try to talk with to get his feelings out.

    • I sent him a text asking if we could talk and I didn't get a reply so I just text him and told him how I feel and I didn't get a reply till a day later (today) and he said he doesn't think he could see us together and that he was lonely and was sorry for using me

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