Why is she distancing herself from me?

My girlfriend and I have been together for 8 months. We've had some rough spots, split up for a few hours or even a day and got back together, things like that. Well when we first got together the few months following were euphoric. I loved every second I got with her (still do.) She was loving and open, affectionate and talked to me about everything. The last couple of months is feels like she has been drifting away. We had a strong sex life, but now I can't touch her without her jumping and saying that I'm making her uncomfortable. One minute she is really affectionate and she kisses me and shows me love, but then the next its a complete 180, like we're just friends. The strange thing is she never acted like this before, not even when we first got together and I was a complete stranger. I don't know what to do. And every time I ask her about it she gets upset with me and says I'm acting like a girl and being too emotional. I can't talk to her anymore because she has shut me out and throws everything back in my face. If I ask her a question and try to figure out what's going on she yells at me. Needless to say I'm beginning to feel unwanted and neglected. What's going on? What can I do to get the girl I had back?


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  • Have you talked to her parents or friends about this? I'm not saying like: "hey, your daughter/friend is acting weird, what's up with that?" more like: "have you noticed a change in behavior ? Because I feel like something is wrong and I want her to be open about it". Try her parents first, tell them you'd appreciate it if they helped or tried to figure out what's wrong as well.

    Try to calm her down, like invite her for a nice evening, romantic, make dinner or something and if you notice she's comfortable and calm, ask her if everything is okay because you feel there's a distance between the two of you. If she's being dramatic again, tell her calmly that you did your best to try to figure things out but that you can't cope with her behavior all this time anymore (if this is the case ofcourse). Just tell her how her behavior makes you feel, and if she realizes that it can't go on like that, maybe she'll open up. Or the other option is that she gets pissed off and you still don't know.

    But we can't know why she's distancing herself from you. When I do that in a relationship, it's because I'm not in love with the guy anymore, or because I'm upset about something he did but I'm too stubborn to tell (but even then I "cave" and just tell him the deal).

  • Sounds like she's preparing for a break up, there's not much you can do, just keep trying to communicate if you can.


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