the indian girl stare

I am not exactly from India, my parents are West-Indian, but my ancestors came from India, etc. Hence, I look somewhat Indian. I don't know what it is about Indian girls (mainly the ones from New Jersey) but they ALWAYS feel a tendency to stare me down (usually with a dirty look). The most annoying part of this; once I reciprocate the act, they catch an attitude. On top of this, they give you the dirtiest looks. At my college (which I graduated) they all hangout together, and do this. The guys do this too, and at first it was flattering, now its offensive. They just stare whisper and go back to what they are doing. I don't get it? Have I done something wrong? The only thing that I can think about is one moment when I looked at this other beautiful Indian girl ONCE. (I am not lesbo but I appreciate once in a while) Since then, her and her boyfriend give me the nastiest looks and I started to notice everyone else doing it MORE. From now on I am looking at either the floor or the sky. Brown girls, I just don't get you...If you have an issue with someone staring at you, don't initiate/provoke these contests in the first place!
Also, there was another Indian girl,she would stare me down and give me the dirtiest looks. Often I would catch her out of the corner of my eye staring at me, so I would turn my head and do it back, then she would stop. I would walk into class, and her and her friend (who isn't Indian) would look me up and down and then whisper something to each other, and the Indian girl would continue to stare at me even when I sat down! She even asked about me and this other guy who I was involved with!
Then one day me her and two other people were talking about the brown girl stare, and she had the nerve to look over at me and say "Yeah, what is it supposed to do to me?" As if I started this annoying staring contest. Are you kidding me? I want to punch her in the face! Seriously Indian girls, what is the deal?


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  • You just happened to meet a stuck up indian bi+ch not all of us are like tht tho just ignore her


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  • Indian or West Indian?

    • The girls who stare at me are Indian-American (Believe me they make it known). I am West Indian (Guyanese).

    • Right, two completely different cultures..but ultimately a dirty look is pretty universal. Either you give it right back to them or you ignore it. I wouldn't take it personal btw

  • Maybe they see you as a threat


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