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I have been hanging out and sleeping with this guy for 3-4 weeks now.. The first time we hooked up we stayed up talking and spent the whole weekend together.. then for a week he kind of blew me off. So I backed off.. Then he asked me one day if I was mad at him.. I acted like everything was fine and we hooked up again.. Next week he kind of blows me off too.. So finally we hook up again and I confront him about it and he said he thought it was me blowing him off ( I wasn't chasing him ). So since then he has been texting me a lot more.. We hung out like 4 times this week.. And not just sex! So much better.. But I still am unsure about this guy, especially with how he acted at first... What should I do now? Just see how he keeps acting? I don't want to initiate too many convos because I don't want to seem needy but then again when I didn't before he thought I wasn't interested ( I guess) before!?
And I would like this to turn into something more to as well...


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  • sounds like you two may like each other but neither person wants to really put themself out there. I think you should just communicate. Talk about your feeligns and what each other wants. He doesn't want to be the first to reach out and neither do you but hten youboth assume that one or the other is blowing the other off...

    just try to communicate better about your feelings


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  • Communicate your intentions to him as soon as possible to avoid misinterpreting the time you spend with him. In doing so, you may be able to prevent developing deeper feelings for him and thus elude heartache if he's not on the same page with you.

  • Who knows...sex and friendship are good...just enjoy it!

    • Some girls have different views on sex, hoping it'll progress into something serious

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