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I'm at this summer camp right now and I met this girl on the first day. At first we didn't really try to get to know each took her three days to remember my name and I hadn't even remember meeting her the first two days. But at some point last week(we're in our second week) we were playing catch and got to know each other better. How it happened was that she was standing next to me and commented that she loved me cologne...except I wasn't wearing any. So we became closer friends and we spent a lot of time together the passed week, like meals, movies, dances, or just walking together. Half of the time she texts me and asks if I want to meet up with her outside. She also commented that she really likes my laugh because it sounds like I'm genuinely happy. Today though, we were going on a trip together to a museum and we had planned to sit together for the 3 hour bus ride. Instead she went and sat with a guy in her class. I sat at the back by myself and she slept on his shoulder both going there and coming back. After the trip, I avoided her for a little while and she texted me if I wanted to walk around together. Am I just her friend or does she like me as more than a friend?


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  • No one here can tell you what she is thinking or feelings. I think you need to make it obvious, if not just come right out and tell her, you are interested in her and you want to be with her. If she is unsure about your feelings she might be accepting attention from anywhere. Or maybe she only sees you as a friend, the only way you'll know is by talking to her and finding out.

  • I think she probably likes.


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