My LDR boyfriend is 'experienced' and I am not. Why do I become so jelaous and bothered?

I am currently in a LDR with my boyfriend. Note that we have not met yet.

We have been toether for about a year now. He is my first boyfriend and I truly adore him

Basically whenever he simply mentions his ex girlfriends and his sexual experiences, I become so bothered and paranoid and jealous!

I get so caught up in the fact that he's done such things with them and not me.

I annoy myself so incredibly much thinking about these useless things and I just don't know how to deal with this


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  • i also have LDR boyfriend for more than a year now and his my first foreign boyfriend and experienced about his ex as well. mentioning about his ex girlfriend is not a good idea, your his present now. tell him how you feel about that bcoz my boyfriend did the same thing. saying his x is pretty and stuff.. I was hurt about it every time he mentioned his ex. try to know him more. what do you think he likes, try to show him that you can also do those things. if you talk about sex and you want to learn.. watch scandal videos, they will help u. ask most of your boy friends about sex, how to compliment them. ask your boyfriend what he wants to do in bed and try it. hope I could help.


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