Girlfriend keeps getting Pushed around by my ex's

So Asked my stalker girl out she said yea but the other girls that like me keep pushing her around she won't fight back I yell at them at the top of my lungs to stop they get scared and run off I can't be with her at all times Because stuff. I can't fight them can i? If saw a guy beat up 3 girl to protect his girl would you consider it Fu[ked up or would you look the other way or can I do to make them stop hurting her


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  • If you're yelling at the top of your lugs and they don't stop, they deserve an ass kicking and if you kick their ass and they all jump you, your girlfriend should help you out... If she sees they are kicking your butt, and doesn't butt-in, then you'll know it wasn't worth it haha!

    Anyway, that sounds horrible. She should stand up for herself too. Is she?

    • Ima great fighter. She's to sweet and fragile to fight. I tell her to let me teach her to fight she replies nope no I won't do it. Can you tell me how to get her to up stand up for herself

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    • that's not smart, that's retarded.

    • Yea but still it hard to see her be scared when she's at the bookstore she love that place but she scared to be there by herself

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