How to keep contact with an ex who is leaving the country...?


*Broke up because of him leaving the country for a long time for studies

*we never had a fight

*it was a desicion we both take

My question is how can I keep this guy in my life as a friend?He means so much to me, he helped me a lot In many situations and stand by me and also we are having so much fun together and we are really understand each other. Even if he is not close to me.

The only reason we broke up is because he is leaving..

We said that we will communicate as friends but I'm not really sure how I can make this work well for both of us...I don't want to scare him or make him think that I am doing this because I want him back but I also don't want to look cold while we speaking

PS:he left a couple days ago


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  • If you are that close, he won't consider you as overly aggressive if you talk to him often and tell him the way you feel. You shouldn't have to hide your feelings if the two of you understand each other!

    The worst thing you can do is try to 'be' a certain way! Just be yourself, or you'll regret it.


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  • If he was a friend, you don't have to worry about wondering how to "make this work". Do you worry about things like that with your other friends?

    • Not really but it's still fresh and I don't want to sent him wrong messages...

  • what are you going to do when he finds another girlfriend? And feels that the emotional void he felt after the breakup is gone? what are you going to do if he gets married with children with this women, and he tells you that he is the happiest men alive? Will you still attempt to contact him again after that? If you were friends like good friends with him for a long time before you were romantically involved I could understand that. I could see you still continuing the relationship as friends because you know him so well, but I really feel that you shouldn't really have to think about something like this with a friend if he is close. Do you do that with other friends? are you still not over him yet?

  • u can get in touch with a lot of free apps .. I recommentd Viber & kik :)


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