I can't tell if he is interested or not? Help!

A guy from my running club starting texting me, bringing me presents when he came back from trips and we starting hanging out together. He even brought me food over when I had an accident. So, we went out a few times, would stay up chatting late and he would get a bit touchy feely but never made a move. To back up I had clarified with him before whether it was just friends or a romantic interest and he had said he would be happy with either, So the last time we went out and we stayed up talking til 2, I got frustrated and texted him later to ask. He said he was worried as we could be good friends and was attracted to me but was worried.

So is he just full of mind games/letting me down gently/not really sure?

Should I give up?


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  • Hi There,

    Sounds like you are in a bit of a pickle, :/ which I admit is never fun. To me, It sounds like this guy truly does like you, a lot, but is terrified of the thought of losing you if a relationship between the two of you didn't work out. I personally, would NOT give up. Talk with him, and ask if that's what it is, and maybe say you two will give it a shot for a bit and if it doesn't work out then you will simply remain friends.

    Hopefully that's helpful!


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  • If he's not being decisive, he's just not that into you.

    • Thanks, I appreciate a bit of brutal honest.y. Moving on...

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  • Well at my age of 16 and not really interacting with the opposite gender I wouldn't know jack sh*t about if a man likes you or not but thank god I read romance novels all the time. Anyways from what your saying you at least know this guy cares for you. And if he's been getting a little touchy he may want to make a move but is afraid that he may get rejected by you and is looking for signs from you that you are interested in him more than a friend.

    So if you truly like this guy and think you may have a future with him maybe let him know you don't see him as just a friend. I hope I helped some and good luck!


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