Is my boyfriend still inlove with his ex ?

Hey everyone. I'm a bit paranoid about my boyfriend and his ex because he doesn't talk about her AT ALL ... some would say that's a good thing but I think otherwise ... the most I know is that it was a mutual breakup ..

I recently discovered that they are following each other on instagram and he even commented on one of her pictures in which she didn't respond ... and now today I saw where they are Facebook friends again ...

I don't know how to ask him because I'm not on fb nor instagram so he would say I'm stalking ... what should I do ? ...


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  • Don't ask. Don't bring it up. As long as he treats you well, doesn't contradict himself about where he was at certain times, and you don't hear people tell you that he's cheating...don't make a hobby of trying to figure out if he's cheating.

    He probably isn't. The more you get curious, the more likely it is that he'll feel smothered and more likely to cheat. Take a chill pill and realize that you're a really awesome girl, and his ex obviously couldn't hold a candle to you...because he's with you now!

    Any time you feel threatened, dress up in a sexy dress, high heels, and flirt with your guy like you just met him in a coffee shop. Any time you feel inadequate, try to learn some new subject that your boyfriend would find fascinating...then ask him out to dinner, entrance him with your with and beauty, and then insist on paying for the whole meal. He'll think you're the most gracious, generous, lovely girlfriend in the world. Dote on and compliment him the whole night. Make him feel special and desirable. People love others for the way they make them feel.

    That's how to prevent cheating! Any time you feel threatened, the key is to make yourself stronger and cater to the other person, not start a witch-hunt against the person you're supposed to love and trust.

    • Thanks ... you're completely right

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