Am I wrong for doing this?

This girl & I have been in each others lives for about 4.5 years since I was 15 (20 now, she's 18). We've had a complicated relationship cause I've always been hesitant to fully commit, but we were basically in a relationship because we were always together & kept it exclusive & we loved each other. I've left & came back a few times & the last time, she finally had enough & left herself. During this time she did a lot of things I don't approve of (certain drugs & a tattoo). I've always told her I don't want a girl who smokes or has tattoos.

We end up talking again & I was really hurt when I found out about the tattoo, but felt I had to accept it because if I had been good to her, it likely would have never happened. I told her I loved her & was over it & as long as she doesn't get another one, I'll be okay. I also told her if she got another one or smoked again, it'd be over. Today, she confesses that she has another tattoo on her ankle. I assumed she lied to me when I asked her a while back, but she tells me that she got it last week. I became extremely upset that she went behind my back & I ended things. It's just not something that I want in a girl. Yes, I love her, but she has known that I don't want that for years. I don't want to force her to be something she's not, but I also don't want to force myself to accept it just because I love her.


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  • You are very shallow and controlling and done deserve her after what you've put her through.


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