A month after break up, is this normal? How can I stop this?

I dated this guy for about 6 months and he ended things a month ago but within that month we would still talk, flirt, hang out and kiss until 3 days ago I told him I missed him and I still got butterflies ever time we kissed and I couldn't stay friends if I felt this way and he didn't. We haven't talked since then. How can I move on, I feel like he already did so I just want to stop thinking about him but how can I? I wake up every morning w anxiety and sometimes in the middle of the night and just by thinking of him I get anxiety and I want to stop thinking about him but I don't know how. And I have no friends to talk to about I'm alone please help.


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  • For a temporary fix, delete everything that has to do with him. Remember, it's only temporary. Try to write things out everyday and keep your chin up.

  • Well since you are so into this guy and were STILL acting like you were together for a month after you "broke up", it's not doing to take just a few weeks to get over you. Of course it's easy for him to lose all feelings he had for you. My ex did the same probably two weeks after we broke up (maybe it was more like a month but I know he basically got over me and stopped loving/caring about me very soon after he dumped me). This won't help, but there's nothing you can to be let time pass. You may not be over him in a matter of months--it could take longer than that. But the best thing really is no contact. You will still think of him constantly but by not talking to him you don't get any thoughts in the back of your mind about the slightest possibility of you two ever working out. You do need to find someone to talk to about this. That will help. Find a family member that you trust and try to stay busy. It helps some people (didn't help me but helped my friend).


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