Is your diploma or education really expensive? seems like everything in Canada is, especially Ontario?

What will/did yours cost in the end? have you been able to find a job related to it or did you just give up and try something else? does anybody have any tips on changing paths? other than just go and do it. I went to college for a recreation and leisure services diploma and I am finding nothing I actually like, and working part time in the industry has turned me right off for the most part. I think I now want to be a pilot. but my mother is against it because of the price. I don't really care about the price, I will work to pay for it and that is fine because it is expensive and will take some time , but it's not like I have anyone expecting anything from me in terms of getting my life together. other than my parents and everyone else who has had a lifelong plan. its not like I have a girlfriend or a date wondering when I will get it together. I guess for me what I want is to have a job that I enjoy because that is the main focus of life it seems. and I have a mother who seems to not back me up when I talk about changing paths. all she wants me to do is work and it's all she talks about. get a job so you can put money in the bank. I don't actually expect to have a normal life because I have never been socially normal compared to everyone else my age, and I have changed a lot of my desires and visions to just making sure that I end up fairly happy.


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  • Sorry to hear you're struggling with career/education issues- things are super tough in the Canadian job market, parts of Ontario in particular. I know Quebec is the cheapest province and subsidizes the most and Ontario is one of the highest, but I don't know actual rates. All provinces do have different regulations so watch out for that when getting certifications. Also, even if it were cheaper to go out of province for a program, you'd have to pay out of province fees, so it'd probably end up being the same...

    Either way, you're not alone- I did a 4 year undergrad at an Ontario university, graduated at the top of my class and spent a year and a bit working in a call centre before I went back to get a graduate degree in PR. I'd never planned on going into that field, but it seemed interesting enough and I sure didn't want to work in a call centre for the rest of my life so back I went. I now have a BA and a graduate degree all to the tune of about $35,000 after you include all expenses (books, parking etc.) and subtract bursaries and scholarships.

    I've been unemployed for almost a year, 7 months of that has been since I graduated and looking for work became my full time job. It's been frustrating as hell, and I finally accepted a job out of my field at (where else?) a call centre, thinking FML, but what else could I do? I kept applying to other jobs I wanted and now, at long last, I'm getting some call backs. It's stressing me out of course because I have a regular job I can't just leave for interviews, but I can't turn down a shot at jobs I actually want...Considering the past 2 years or so though, it's a good problem to have.

    My only advice is if you want to get more education or change fields, then do it. And if you're struggling to find work, just keep trying. It's taken me this long to finally get somewhere and I've pretty much dedicated my life to finding a job (in July alone I applied to 15 jobs in my field, 45 outside of it) the past 6 months...Good luck!

    • do you mind telling me your age? I just like to see where people are at compared to myself

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  • The jobs now are trades or tech but to go into techs you have to be really good. So my nephew tells me he's finishing his last semester at Waterloo & is being recruited by Microsoft.


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  • Ohh man you are not alone. I have been studying for 4 years "Accounting and Finance" got my degree got a job start working, worked for 4 month and I HATED IT! so freaking much that even money that I was earning didn't make me happy. I got so depressed that whenever I was waking up, my first thought was I hate my life, I hate my job. What I did I found my balls back and I quit my job without anyone knowing about it. Year later I went to Mechanical school "UTI" I did so well because I loved what I was doing that I even got excepted into Nissan-Infiniti Program, because a guy who was interviewing me so fire and desire in my eyes to work for them. And you know what maybe mechanic doesn't sound as good as Accounting and Finance, it pays me more money and I wake up every freaking single day with a smile on my face and I run to my work so I can do something that I love. With that kind of feeling that I have towards cars, I already have future plans that I never had when I was working for corporation, to become a manager in 5 years and in 15 years open my own Infiniti Dealership down the road and all that made it possible ONLY because I LOVE cars and I LOVE fixing them. You should do what your heart telling you. You should do what you are passion about. Because your passion, your hobby will make your life super happy and super fun and money, well money will be just a bonus for you and if you truly love airplanes and flying you'll be amazed how far your heart and your mind can and hopefully will push you in that particular field or at any field that you truly in love with. Do you see where I'm coming from? Good Luck my man.

    • Yes I see exactly where you are coming from. And at this poi t I don't care how old I am. 26 at the moment but I will find my happiness. I guess I ha e just never realized that I may actually like and be able to do it. And I always felt lost because I had no dream so it seemed like all my studies were just what I was completing to move up fro. The position I was in at my part time job. Now I hate it lol. Oh well. Being happy is all I want. May not find love or whatever but may get my dream

    • Find what you loving carrier first, that will put happiness into your soul and girl will come after or during TRUST ME. Girls can see guys for who they are and they respect guys more who do what they like rather what they earn. Because nobody wants to be with a guy who is angry, depressed and hates his life all his time, YET he has a deep pockets, that's not a life that's torture for them. Find what you like, THINK about it 11 times before your 100% decision and if you sure&ready step forward.

  • Education in Ontario is pretty cheap at public institutions, compared to the costs elsewhere.

    The cost of living in Toronto is not low.

    Tuition has gone up since I was in university, but I think the school I went to is now about 5-6k per year.


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