Guys, what are some seductive moves girls do that drive you crazy?

I'm trying to seduce a guy I already know likes me. I just need to reel him in now. So what are some of your favorite things girls do that just drive you crazy?


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  • -Eye contact, but not just any. Those "I want you" eyes. Look deep inside his eyes and try to telegraph your lust for him. Seriously, it sounds stupid but it works.

    -Smiling seductively. Like above, try to make it a "I want you" smile.

    -Lip biting and lip licking are great.

    -Blowing kisses and winking are also great.

    -Touching him sensually is also a good way to go. Start by slowly rubbing his muscles (if he has them) and doing all of the above I already mentioned. If you are really daring, start rubbing you hand on his thigh and slowly start moving your hand in towards his crotch (but not actually touching it).

    -Whispering in his ear about how much you want him is a great way to get things going.

    -Be a little forceful. If he is sitting on the couch, straddle him while doing he above. If he is standing, grab him and push him were you want to go, whether that is a wall or a bed.

    Basically, anything that makes him think: "She wants to have sex with me sometime soon" will do.


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  • There was this one girl who always leaned in really close and started smelling my neck and saying she loved how my cologne smelled. I love the way girls smell too so I got a good whiff of her perfume / shampoo as well and it was always a fun interaction.

  • seduce him sexually? well then:

    From subtle non-invasive to not-so-subtle invasive:

    1) stare at him and lick your lips with a sultry smirk like you're going to jump him right there

    2) start touching yourself in sexually suggestive ways in front of him while maintaining strong eye contact (i.e. licking/biting lips, fondling hair, playing with bra straps, rubbing your thigh and moving your skirt up a bit)

    3) get really close, stare him dead in the eyes with an innocent yet anticipating look, and lightly touch him. this can be done with #s one and 2

    4) shove him up against a wall and start rubbing his crotch slowly while looking him straight in the eyes

    I guess the common denominator in all those is seductive eye contact. But for guys, in order to seduce us, you need to imply sex is on the horizon.

    Hell, if you really wanna seduce him, start with one and work your way up to 4. The caveat being that you'd have to have sex with him once you reach 4.


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