Do you think we might be friends or get back together?

Me and my ex broke up Thursday he told me didn't want any contact with me and he doesn't talk to his exes well Sunday we talked and he said he might talk to me sometime in the future but doesn't know yet. Is that a good sign? Why would he make a exception for me? He told me he will always love me and care about me? Do you think he still loves me?


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  • NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ... what the HELL is wrong with you women? DO YOU GET OFF ON BEING EMOTIONALLY ABUSED? Tell him to go f*** himself and then go get a life.


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  • He's confused. Give him some time to figure it all out. You will definitely hear from him again

    • Why is he confused? How much time? Why do you think I will hear from him again?

    • Well.. why did you guys break up? Clearly, you were the cause, because if it was him cheating on you, then he wouldn't be acting like this in the first place. You did something to cause him to doubt you. He doesn't know whether he wants to speak to you or not. How much time he needs depends on himself. Some people need more time than others.

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