Will he ever tell me or should I just move on?

I have been seeing this guy, he is really busy with school for the next month, I said I'd be happy to wait but I need to know if there is a future with us. He said he'd have to think about it since he has a lot on his plate. That was 5 days ago, haven't heard from him. Don't want to question him and look clingy and needy..but I kind of want to know if I should be sticking around. Is him saying I need to think code for not interested..if it is why didn't he just say it, it was through text. Or if he really is thinking about it, should I ask him? WHAT should I do?!? lol


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  • If you have been dating for long, I would say he's not interested anymore, especially that you offered to wait. Or he's keeping his options open, which means he's not interested enough.

    If you just started seeing each other recently, he could be getting over someone else and not sure if it's working for him.

  • how long have you been seeing each other for?


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