Is he gay or just awkward around women?

So a couple months ago I met this guy I work with while out at the bar. He's 40 (older than me) never been married and no kids. While we were out he kept looking at me so I just started talking to him and by the end of the night he asked for my #. We've talked ever since everyday, but never on the level of flirtation until someone asked me if I thought he was gay. Completely absurd I was like "no way" until someone told me he stayed the night with a chick & I guess she made all the hints & he did nothing. Now I know that doesn't mean he's gay but it got my wheels turning.

So I out of the blue started flirting to see what I could get back. He flirted back and actually we made plans to go to Vegas together later this month. But sometimes when I make a flirty joke he kind of just gives weird unrelated responses. I'm so confused. I don't know if he's gay & looking for an "equal" or if he's just not good with women and freezes up. Help please? Any type of guidance would be appreciated. He's super nice and a complete gentleman I'm just not sure. And if you think he's just awkward around women how can I crack that shell? I'm very shy myself and don't just "come on" to guys.


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  • Lot of reasons why.

    I will tell you my reason for being coy. Believe it or not, I have been spoiled and for a long time never had to make a move, the women always made the move.

    It is a supper turn on when a woman throws it on me. It is kinda funny sometimes. I was not going to make a move on this one woman and she just lead me into the bedroom and did a strip show. With all her heart she tried to act like a pro and it was cute that she was no pro.

    I never had a girlfriend per set but there was plenty of sex. When a man does not have to chase women for sex, women come out of the box hot for sex. I never realized the number of women who have never been out on a date and most women see sex as the end of a good date.

    Good luck,


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  • He is awkward around women, I'm the same way sometimes have gotten better.

  • "I started flirting to see what I could get back. He flirted back." <- Answer.

    • Well I mean yeah I get it but what if he was just going along with it (if he was to be gay)?

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    • Oh, I know.

    • I believe you. :(

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