Vacationing places you went with your ex?

So my boyfriend and I are trying to go to the beach together but he wants to go to the beach that he went to with his exes. I can't help but feel like once he's there with me he's going to be thinking about all the things he did with them there (especially sexually). Am I being irrational? I know personally when I'm at a place with lots of memories I can't help but think about those memories. Do you think that's what he would do?


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  • I don't think you're being irrational. Naturally you want to be treated differently from his exes, rather than just joining the list. That being said, you have to understand that to him, it's probably an especially beautiful place that he just wants to share with the people he cares about.

    Let memories with you overtake those with his exes :)


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  • My boyfriend took me to a spot with a view I know he's brought his ex to first

    It made me a little sad and I couldn't really enjoy it so I'm with you on this one and will wait for more answers

  • I think you should go, and with a smile on your face. Create memories of you two there.


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