Her girlfriend doesn't seem to want to see us end up together

been trying to date this girl for a couple months now and noticed as we get to know each other and such her one girlfriend that I also know as its a small town and we all live near each other . doesn't seem to want to see me and her end up together . never done anything to help me as I try and date her and she even gives me weird looks and has said things to her that were negative of me and she even tries to find guys at the bar to introduce to girl I like and do shots/drinks with them. I don't know what the problem is I tried to make nice with her a month ago but things are back to being weird . I don't know how to overcome this or if I should try and talk to her again about this


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  • In life you will always encounter people who will not always value your opinion because you cannot please everyone in the world. You have to believe in yourself and if you like this girl you should not care about what her friend thinks of you.

    Over time, your girlfriend’s friend will come to accept you especially if she values her friend but don’t let her push you around. It is possible that your girlfriend’s friend maybe jealous of you in someway.

    Just don’t bring it up around your girlfriend's friend because it will show weakness and her friend will use it against you. If your girlfriends friend still bothers you discuss it with your girlfriend and tell her how it is affecting your relationship with you and ask her to discuss it with her friend.


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