My girlfriend, and I seem to be distancing ourselves as of recent.

I'm not quite sure, but my girlfriend, and myself just seem to be pulling away from one another. We dated for around 6 months, broke up, and now are back together. In the beginning she wouldn't be a couple. Unless I changed my Facebook status to in a relationship. After we broke up; of course she changed it back to single, but now that we're back together. She has still left it to single. Am I missing something? Now, with her moving in with friends that party all of the time. I'm just wondering if it's best to end it once and for all. I guess I'm just conflicted to what to do is all.


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  • That's a tough question. Maybe you should give her some space. This way she'll miss you and thus want to hang out with you again. Alway remember distance makes the heart grow fonder.


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