Should I move on or not?

Well this happened toward the end of last year, anyways My wife had a 3sum with one of my best friends and my younger brother, and I didn't even know about it till the end of June. I talked to my brother and I asked him when were you guys gonna tell me this and he said that I wasn't supposed to find out, she waited a whole summer to tell me about this because at that time she wanted to have a 3sum with me and another guy and I kept saying NO, so she went off and did her own thing,its been 3 or so months now since she told me this and it still kills me inside I try to forget it but it won't go away she says she regrets ever doing and she was just experimenting I'm just wondering what can help me get over this? I also told her that if she ever cheated on me again that we were through


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  • honestly, your brother and wife? I would never forgive that. she could have cheated with anyone else and chose your brother. she has no respect for you & you deserve better.

  • Technically. your wife was unfaithful to you. It depends on if you can see yourself "forgiving" or "moving on" from what your wife did. Marriage counseling, you could try if you want to stay together with your wife...but it's a tough situation. I'd say you should divorce her...will you be able to trust her again?


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