I feel neglected. Am I overreacting?

Here's the thing. My boyfriend and I spent 4 days camping together starting August 1. Then, I went back home as I'm working full-time. My boyfriend stayed there with his family for a whole week. We didn't stay in touch since he doesn't have a cell phone. He's been back this afternoon but didn't call me until tonight. I hoped we would see each other tomorrow but it seems we won't because he says he needs to prepare his stuff and pack his things all day and he's working on a photoshoot from 4 to 7 PM. He'll be staying at home on Monday all day to spend time with the family but he's JUST spent a full week with his family. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he's working full time so we won't see each other either. And after, he's leaving on vacation until August 26. We won't be able to stay in touch meanwhile either.

So the bottom line is I wanted to spend tomorrow with him but he says he can't make it, so we won't see each other from August 5 to August 27, at the soonest. He's spending all his time off planning his trips and dedicating his time to family but not seeing me and I feel like sh*t because of it. It makes me think that he doesn't miss me at all. And the worst thing? Once uni starts again on the 27, it's unlikely we'll see each other more than once a week because we'll be long distance again, just like we've been all summer. Just then, we'll be long distance AND with school obligations.


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  • Your situation is complicated, I have a feeling like he doesn't really like you ( no offence please ) I mean if I liked a girl I would find at least an hour or so just to see her and talk to her, it seems like he is ignoring you every way possible. The question is why is he ignoring you and if he doesn't really like you, I think it would of been smart to tell you that so both of you can move on, but than again, if he still likes you, than why he doesn't even want to see you FOR WEEKS! it seems like a stick looks the same from both ends. He doesn't really like you that much, that's my personal take on that. I'm not trying to offend you or upset you in anyway, but information that you have provided lead's to that one conclusion.

    • He suggested we see each other after his photoshoot tomorrow, around 7, but it's that we're already 1,5 hours of public transportation apart and I'm working on Monday (he's not), so I'm not that excited about a 2 hours date crammed at night when I need 3 hours to get there and come back. He said he'd check things out and let me know tomorrow and all that yada yada, but I think it's not happening. I wish he'd ditch the packing and spend time with me during the day instead.He says he'll call too.

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    • I'm glad that you learned from your experience. I know it is difficult to find a truly good person who would like you for YOU. I'w been in those kind of situations few times my self. All I can say is be strong and don't let any of your bad experiences pull you down or change you for who you are. God doesn't want people to be happy, god wants people to be strong and choose what is truly right and with that comes your true happiness not the other way around. Be strong& be happy with what you are.

    • Yeah so far it's turning all right. It's true that most times, things that don't work out aren't meant to be. I learned that the hard way. Thanks for the support, I appreciate it!

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  • I don't think he is neglecting you, he is just really busy right now, with so many different commitments on his plate at once. Family, job, school, and you. He just doesn't have enough hours in the day right now. His family took up a lot of his time, and you are understandable upset about that, but it really can't be helped.

    • I'm mostly pissed that the hours he'd have to see me, he's dedicating them to packing, which I can't understand he couldn't do on Monday night or something. I feel really unimportant in this situation.

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