Do I just wait for her or try to contact her?

We work together. We've been best friends for 2 years.

Me, divorced a few years ago from cheating wife who I was with since high school.

Her, in an abusive marriage and an abusive past.

I was helping her go through some rough personal issues a few months ago. We started feeling a deep connection and attraction to each other because we're so compatible, so we backed off our interaction. She planned to finally divorce her jerk husband, which she really needed to do. We did discuss a few times about dating someday but didn't ever pursue anything because she was married, nor even when she started her divorce.

Then she kinda took out all her frustrations on me, said I was just messing with her head, and cut off all communication with me. But at work she always stays where we can see each other.

She just finished her divorce a couple weeks ago and has already been dating a rebound guy. Yes, she's kinda needy from her abusive past.

A few days ago I posted on Facebook a nonspecific statement about how I missed her, nothing that mentioned her specifically by name but did list some things we've done together that I treasure but could be about any of my friends. She saw it and felt I'd betrayed her privacy because people could figure out who I meant (I didn't think so or never would have posted it). Plus I guess her ex-husband saw it (he's not a FB friend so he had to creep my page) and is using it to accuse her of infidelity with me, which isn't true, to try to screw her in their divorce stuff. She texted me and then called me and chewed me out, saying she never wants to see me again, etc. I did delete the post.

I still love her, and I see by her behavior at work so far she still seems to feel the same about me. But now she's so mad, and I haven't been to work yet since this happaned to see how she acts now.

I have no doubt her rebound relationship won't last. But I feel so terrible for causing her trouble and making her so mad.

Do I just wait for her to calm down again and see if she'll contact me? Or do I wait a little bit and try to contact her myself?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Write her a letter laying out how you feel. Seriously, the gesture of a handwritten letter might be appealing to her or... It could blow up in your face and come off as creepy because like, ya know, who writes letters anymore? Omg! ;)

    Facebook has ruined some people like that.

    I would definitely give it some time. After all, you don't want to be a rebound guy, they rarely last.


What Guys Said 1

  • Wait, at the very least for her to calm down, I know it is bothering you but try to wait a few days. Sometimes people have more than one rebound relationship as well fyi.


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