How do I be more of the hot and sexy girlfriend to my boyfriend

And why did he seem to treat his ex girlfriend like a sexy girlfriend? He just seem to treat me like someone who just there to clean and bare his children on the future. And that isn't a kind of man that would make me happy. I want someone who would make me feel sexy.
He had the sexy life with his ex girlfriend but with me I'm just someone he's in a relationship with. How come he wanted to have a sexy life with his ex girlfriend and not me?


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  • That is strange, in my experience after you've been together for awhile my girlfriends always turned into the sexiest woman alive ever in my eyes.


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  • You have to feel sexy to exude sexiness. Spend time getting yourself nice lingerie, dress in a way that accentuates your best features. Wear light make up which brings out your eyes and lips and mascara. Walk sexy, good posture and slowly..wear heels if necessary they help. And move slowly, when you eat take your time, savour your food. Ultimately it comes from within but these tips help.


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