Friends with benefits

I have a friend I've been travelling with around India for about half a year. It was perfect.While travelling we became really close. After a month we slept together. I wasn't hoping much that it's leading somewhere(I have bad experience in a past) although before we left to India he was sweet and romantic(kissing me in the forehead,making me warm by closing me in his jacket).

I was hoping that maybe once we come back from India we will be together, I knew that while travelling could be difficult but later in Europe we might try.

I went back home and so is he. He was the one who was writting to me first, we were talking on the Skype everyday.

After few weeks he invited me to his hometown for few days to stay with him. During our first evening he proposed me to live together.

We spent beautiful night. I wanted to tell him the truth but fear paralized me. I decided to write him a message without telling him about my feelings but I told him that there is something I need to discuss but I guess he knows by now what I'm talking about. He figured it out.He didn't say if he has any feelings.He didn't give me much of a hope. He told me that:he likes his freedom and he would like to keep it.

He wants to go to Australia next year with me and then travel around a world.

I don't understand him what he wants from me,is it just a sex? He sometimes he looks at me so intensive, he take care of me,I feel being loved. I overheard him that he cares about me a lot. Please help guys what shall I think of that.


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  • he simply wants a mistress


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