Should I go back with him?

Broke up with my boyfriend a month ago (we nearly been together a year) and we both still have strong feelings for each other. We said we want I be friends but finding out feelings are stronger that we thought we both still want to sleep with each other. My friends are saying its a bad idea and he's just using me. Any ideas on what I should do bare in mind I still love him


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  • I'd ask why you broke up but since you didn't mention it then it doesn't matter and you should just reunite.

    • We argued to much. Didn't agree on things

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    • Yeah thanks

    • No problem. Toodles.

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  • You love him but you broke up with him? It doesn't make sense.

  • Get out and meet someone else. You broke up with him for a reason and that reason still exists. Unless you enjoy reliving the same old drama over and over again. It up to you after all


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