When you guys break up with us girls, why do you always say a bunch of crap I don't care about?

honestly. all it ever is like 'bla bla bla' 'poop poop poop' 'this crap and that' 'you are beautiful in and out and I didn't want this to end...


it's like you're so full of sh*t at the seams, you'd explode.

why not just tell me you want to f*** some other bitch?

i had one ex take an hour to explain and I really just wanted to leave the car and not listen to his charlie brown voice.

has anyone ever wanted to shut the door and leave?

i don't like hearing excuses.

why do you guys talk forever when you break up with us?

is it like story time time...you're the boring teacher I never had in gradeschool?


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  • What would be better then?

    And why do you care?

    During a breakup - are we more or less likely to check with the other to see if what we say is what the other part WANTS to hear, rather than either BS or true sentiment. I think that goes both ways.

    Did you really check with him during your breakup to see if what you said was what he wanted to hear?


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  • The question right above yours is a perfect example. Many guys seem to think that we can dump you without hurting you. In the end you gotta man up and tell them that you don't want to do it anymore.

  • He's trying to stop you from becoming bitter - in your case, he's obviously too late.


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