Girls, how long until you start missing your ex?

My girlfriend ended the relationship for a number of reasons how eve r, I know she still loves me and has feelings for me. I was heartbroken and sent some nasty messages because I was hurt, which I regret.Another Reason for the nasty messages was because she instantly started dating some guy and I know his on the rebound or a distraction to get over me.

How long will it take for her to realize she is missing me.

We broke up nearly 3 weeks ago but last contact was 6 days ago. When I ended the conversation with a angry message not expecting her to reply. She said in one of her messages she doesn't like me at the moment and wants nothing to do with me.


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  • I am the girl in your story except I haven't started dating anyone else. I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago for a number of reasons and I of course miss him like crazy. A lot of people think the ones who do the breaking up get over it easily but we don't. It sounds like she is on the rebound and unfortunately because you have said some hurtful things, it has probably made her run into the arms of this one. Naturally you would have been angry and in my personal opinion was silly of her to date someone else so soon, when you were still healing. Not only does this give the impression that she is over you, but she also never respected your feelings. I highly doubt she is.

    The only step you can take right now, is to be the bigger man in all of this and text her being honest. You should say "Hi so and so. I don't expect you to reply to this, but I just want to say I am really very sorry about the nasty things I said to you. Obviously I don't think these things about and I have a lot of respect for you. But naturally I was hurting that I lost you and so was taking it out on you. I wish you all the best for the future and hope that maybe we can be friends one day. Take care, all my love your name..."

    This will not only help you heal, but will make her look at you in a different light. She may come back to you she may not, but you can move on knowing you left it being the bigger man. Trust me she will have a lot of respect for you afterward.

    If she doesn't reply ever move on, time IS a healer, as I am finding out.

    Wish you all the best :)

    • Thanks for that, she put pictures on Facebook her with this guy knowing I would see them. If she didn't I wouldn't of known she was seeing him. People say she's hurting and wants me to hurt too. It's her way of dealing with the break up. I'm not sure about sending the message because I'm still feeling the hurt. Plus she said she didn't want me to contact her. I was going to give it at least a month hopefully the bitterness would of subsided. So you don't think she's over me?

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  • If you're a jerk to her via text or ANY methods your only solidifying why she left you in the first place... reassuring her she made the right move. I know it's hard... but you gotta give her room to breath. Leave her be. DON'T initiate contact in ANY method. If she reaches out to you, then by all means reply. Be NICE and RESPECTFUL and keep it SHORT. Don't draaaagggg out convo's just to keep her talking to you. You getting angry and being an ass will NOT make her want you back.

    Keep busy in your life... even if that means you have to volunteer at the local shelter, become a "Big Brother", go back to school.. DO IT! Not only will it keep you busy and help keep your mind off her, you'll meet new people outside your regular social circle. If that is not something you would normally do it would help show her that your growing. Just DON'T jump to tell her about her new project... let her discover it on her own or after you have been doing it for NO LESS than 3 months... and by all means.. IF you both got back together... whatever "busy project" you choose.. ya gotta keep it up. If you stop as soon as you get back together it doesn't look good. Shows you haven't changed.

  • "She's hurting and wants me to hurt too"

    That's exactly what's happening. She missed you the moment she broke up with you. I find that when it comes to break ups, I miss them less as time goes on. Time heals everything. 3 weeks isn't a long time, she probably still misses you now. But that doesn't mean she wants to get back together with you.

    • This is what I don't get instead if trying to hurt me why doesn't talk to me or someone about it. Would of been nice to apart and be friends. If you love someone you care about them no matter what, why hurt each other?

    • Girls are weird. She's hurting and she just needs to know that you're hurting as much as she is.

  • If it's a guy I love, even if he screws me over, I start missing him right after we break up. That doesn't mean that I'll get back with him, though.


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