He finds out I break my promise but still talk to me? Why? and will he forgive me?

We are in an affair and he found out I've been talking about him and I said to him it's for my well being as I needed someone to talk to. However I talked about him without giving away any info of him. and his identity remains secret.

I apologized and said I understand if he has to end things because of this. He hasn't replied yet. Will he forgive me?


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  • He should. But you do need to talk about your issues WITH him rather than bringing your relationship problems to another person.

    • hopefully... because I did promise to keep it discreet.. I did but it was embarrassing for him to find out I've been talking about him.. lucky I wasn't bad mouthing him

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  • Affairs don't usually go well. Cut your losses.

    • yes I know.. but this would be a dumb way to end... :( I totally blew it :(

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  • I wouldn't be mad but he has a lot riding and he is not prepared to loose what he has. He feels like your are replaceable and untrustworthy

    • Totally... I wonder if he will ever write back...

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