Boys: Are we not together anymore?!

OK so my boyfriend and I haven't been talking for a week. ...Are we broken up or is he suddenly not interested?

Prior to this: We "did it" and I wasn't all for it in the beginning I was tired...and we aren't talking and he hasn't called or anything...its kinda weird...we have been together for 2 months now...should I be single now or what?

Is it OK to call myself single again. I'm planning on leaving the state but I don't know if we are together anymore... I'm only doing this because I had this great idea I wanted to move...but there is nothing holding me back but this...and maybe a few friends..

I have 2 weeks until my plan goes into motion...
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  • i'm going through something similar where I have good encounters with girl and think she wants to be girlfriend then lose touch with her for a week or more , so I consider myself still single but wonder what she wants . it depends if its normal for you guys to not talk for a week ? and what he said when he last saw you in person might be a clue as to where things are going . I don't know if you don't hear from him for another week I guess feel free to move on cause he might of already


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What Guys Said 2

  • I wouldn't say you're single just yet. What you should do is just go see him, ask him face to face what the deal is and make a decision from there.

  • It's over. Most guys will show more interest...not less after sex.


What Girls Said 2

  • My boyfriend of 7months had that habit,he would disappear for 3-4 days and a week on some occasions if I didn't reach out.I later got bored and interpreted his actions as working against the relationship.Some guys do that when they are over you,sadly it only leads to confusion,instead of achieving the wanted results.Is it the 1st time he has done it?.

  • its over I'm sorry


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