Still has a picture of his ex

Well, lots of pictures I guess. My boyfriend has a picture of his ex from almost 10 years ago where she's bent over and wearing tight pants with her back facing the camera. It's in his photo album behind pictures of his neice and nephew. Is that weird?

Also, he still has folders saved as both her and his other ex name who he had a kid with in Hotmail folders. When I happened to see it when he was showing me an email, I commented on it and he said he has the mom of his kid for pictures, etc. of their kid and the other one was just old forwarded jokes and stuff that she'd sent him. But why save it as her name?

Should I be wondering about these saved pictures and stuff? Feeling kinda worried.


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  • You should be worried. He's not over her and/ or has still "intimate" contact with her behind your back. Hope I could help.


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